About Us

S W Financial Services Ltd. have been providing a service to our clients for over 20 years. We offer independant advice and recommendation on all aspects of financial planning. Whether life assurance, planning for retirement or investing your capital, Mortgages and Equity Releaes planning,we can find you the most suitable product available!

Our Service

Financial Planning is a complex subject, setting strategies, deciphering the jargon, knowing how different products work, how products interact with each other and the long term implications such as taxation and potential changes in legislation, is a full time job and is exactly why there are full time advisers such as ourselves.

Our Aim

To provide strategic financial advice. Ours is a personalised service that adopts a holistic approach by focusing on all aspects of your finances. We seek to establish long term client relationships and to provide a straight forward plain English financial planning service.

We are focussed toward long term client relationships as we believe that this is the most effective way for clients to achieve their financial goals.

Why choose an Independent Adviser?

Being independent means that we are not tied to any one Company (or Mortgage Lender) and therefore the advice we provide is totally unbiased. Only after discussing your objectives will we research the entire UK market place on your behalf.