Estate and Probate

Administration of Estates and Probate Services

We are able to administer the estate efficiently and sympathetically, helping you and your family manage during this stressful time. 

We understand that, when you have been recently bereaved, it can be hard to cope with all the paperwork that has to be dealt with and the arrangements that need to be made. We feel that at this difficult time handing over this role to someone else can take away the worries and stress associated with this kind of administration. You will benefit from factual advice and our comprehensive service that is covered by our Professional Indemnity Insurance policy.

Which includes the following:

Inventory of the estate
Professional valuation of any property of value (by local professional valuers)
Arranging for the sale of any property with a local estate agent
Application for the Grant of Representation / Probate
The collection of assets
Help with the opening of an Executors bank account
Calculation and submission of inheritances taxes and other taxes due
Assistance with the distribution of assets
Preparation of final accounts for the Capital Taxes Office
Provision of a detailed statement at the end of the estate
Advice on any state benefits that you may now be eligible for

Our experience means that we can also efficiently arrange solutions to the many practical matters that arise, such as:

Dealing with Banks, Building Societies, Post Office, Premium Bonds,Credit Cards, insurance policies, loan agreements etc

Change of responsibility / cancelling of electricity, gas, telephone, car insurance, home insurances, life insurance policies, council tax office, television licence, Sky / Cable contracts and other ongoing payments

Notification of death to employer, Tax Office, Passport Office, Professional Organisations,The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), Family Doctor etc

Notifying pension providers, claiming any death in service benefits and any guaranteed annuity payments

Notify the Bereavement Register of the death so that their name and address are removed from mailing lists and databases

We are happy to visit you and any family members in your home or arrange a meeting in our offices. We are willing to help you sift through paperwork if necessary or just pass it over to us and we will go through it and report back to you about the contents. 

We guarantee you will receive a personal and professional service from one of our advisors. Our advisor will see the whole case through from start to finish giving you continuity and a known point of contact. 

You do not have to appoint a Solicitor to administer the estate.

We provide a FREE Initial meeting. 

Our service provides a fixed fee with no hidden costs or other percentage charges based on the estate value.

1) Below the Inheritance Tax limit of £325,000 for 2011/12. Our fixed Fee is £4500.00
2) Above the Inheritance Tax Limit, Our fixed fee is £6000.00

The Financial Conduct Authority do not regulate Administration of Estates and Probate